Strategies in Aviation

In the past the role of an airport within the air transport system used to be incontestable. Nowadays the system is being shaped less by the concept of social service and more by market forces. Progressive liberalization of air transport, together with trends to privatize and globalize are causing the roles of airports to change, for planning to become increasingly decentralized, and for the traffic to become more volatile.

Airports are increasingly in competition for markets and new airports are investing heavily to obtain market share in hub-functions. Yet the markets are limited, and airport expansion is made difficult by environmental pressures that push towards sustainable transport, and the need to justify investment.

What do we do

Within the airport environment Evolve can assist in both the air transportation and commercial areas. We help our clients with capacity analysis and planning, case studies of new operating models, airport marketing, airport management and business planning.

Commercially we work with our clients to increase their income per passenger. We focus on segment and competitive strategy, procurement, business development and retail strategy.

In our approach we integrate strategic development, functional airport planning and financial planning. This results in efficient, feasible and realistic business solutions.

  • Terminal capacity optimization & facility sizing
  • Airport retail and commercial planning
  • Environmental impact assessment
  • Airport strategic planning and development
  • Passenger flow analysis in passenger terminals
  • Analyzing the Impact of airline industry changes on airport planning
  • Development and marketing of airport services