Strategies in Aviation

There are only a few industries that have as many challenges and variables as the aviation industry. The sector is known for its fierce competition and capital-intensive nature. Therefore it is of great importance that an aviation start-up begins with a sound strategic business plan.

What do we do

Evolve can assist in every step of the planning including market analysis, brand positioning and development, risk assessment and eventually the required implementation strategy. If an entrepreneur requires further assistance in the implementation phase, we can also be of service.

Evolve can offer constructive suggestions, question assumptions, and challenge the entrepreneur to prove the concept just as prospective investors might do. Our clients range from logistics providers, ground-handling companies, and airplane service providers to airlines.

  • Client concept formulation
  • Market analysis
  • Concept feasibility assessment
  • Creation of implementation plan
  • Airline management recruitment
  • Air operating certification
  • Aircraft selection and sourcing