Mission, vision and values

Our mission

We take care of our clients interests as if they are our own; with passion, skill and confidence. We strive to build a relationship of trust with every client, for the long-term. At Evolve we aim for sustainable growth that contributes not only to the business objectives, but also to the economic, societal and social development of our stakeholders.

Our vision

We want to be leaders in building better companies by using our ingenuity to successfully meet the needs of our clients. Through the integration of different areas – strategic, financial and operational – we offer our clients contemporary, one-stop-shop consulting services. The design of our industry and functional teams enables us to take on every project in our fields of expertise, no matter its scale or location. In this way we aim to be our clients first choice, while being an attractive employer to our people and achieving sustainable growth for our shareholders.

Our values

Evolve’s values – safety, operational excellence, ingenuity, respect, integrity – are the foundation of how we will work to achieve our goals and to be visible and active in the community, setting high standards of social, environmental and regulatory responsibility. As individuals and as a firm, we gauge our success in terms of our impact on the performance and long-term health of our clients’ business.

Unconditional safety

  • We uphold the highest safety standards
  • We never compromise on safety

Operational excellence

  • We will only take on an assignment if we believe we can create value for the client substantially in excess of our professional fees
  • We develop innovative solutions that create value for our clients


  • We maintain a broad view and transfer good practices across industries
  • We believe in solutions and award out-of-the box thinkers and innovative ideas


  • We respect the environment and the communities in which we work and address societal issues
  • We value all peoples and cultures equally and treat everyone with respect


  • We behave ethically and do not tolerate bribery or corruption
  • We deliver on our promises and guard client confidences

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Our policies

Our policies

Our policies are designed to create a safe and transparent environment for all our stakeholders, clients, employees and shareholders alike. These set out our commitment, responsibility and approach.

The partners of Evolve are committed to supporting Evolve in integrating CSR into all its business activities. From the start of business Evolve will utilise the Corporate Responsibility Index to help improve its corporate responsibility practices. The CR Index provides a benchmark for companies which are committed to managing, measuring and reporting their impact on society and the environment.

The partners of Evolve are responsible for ensuring its implementation is reviewed, maintained and continuously improved. To this end each policy is designated a partner.

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Who we are

Building better companies

Evolve is a Dutch management and development consultancy based in The Hague, The Netherlands, with the people, quality and possibilities to focus on delivering practical and enduring results, and equipping our clients to grow and lead. With a realistic and practical mind-set we assist public and private clients in building better companies by identifying and seizing opportunities for improving excellent service at the right price, whilst controlling costs.

Evolve is at its best working in rapidly changing markets. We have the ingenuity and hands-on mentality to transform these changes into opportunities, without compromising unconditional safety and operational excellence.

There are no limits to our ambition when it comes to how we think and work. We work in industry teams, drawing on the talent and vast experience of our people. In addition to the roles at Evolve, our people are all active in managerial roles at civil and military organizations. They bring in a minimum of 15 years of experience each, with track records in operational, commercial and legal fields.

We believe in advancing best practice across our industry practices Airlines, Airports, Airline Ground Handling, Defense, Travel Trade and Environment. This enables us to take on every project, no matter its scale or location, with the same flexible and creative attitude.

Reach out to us and tell us about your initiatives. Let’s discuss how your team could be optimizing performance, while maintaining the highest safety standards.

Let us build better companies together: Evolve.

Some of our People

Richard Helsdingen

Richard is responsible for the industry practices Defense and Environment of our business.

Richard is a licensed Boeing 737 pilot. He currently is also active as a first officer at a Dutch airline.

Richard began his career in 1991 when he joined the Royal Military Academy as a Cadet and obtained a business degree. He quickly rose through the ranks after completing his F16 fighter pilot training at the Royal Netherlands Air Force, serving his country by combining managerial air force positions and flying missions. In 2006 Richard was appointed head of the international European Participating Air Forces ‘Top Gun School’. For his work in Afghanistan he was awarded the United States Air Medal.

After becoming a father in 2011, Richard joined a commercial airliner as a first officer, while taking on the role as assistant to the chief pilot. In 2012 he was appointed head of the combined Quality, Safety, Security and Environment departments. Richard is highly experienced in developing and implementing management systems, he has a special interest in Safety and Fuel management systems.

Richard, Major, RNLAF, Ret. holds a BA Economics Degree.

Koen Kouwenberg

Koen is responsible for the industry practices Travel Trade and Airlines of our business.

Koen started his career in 1999 when he was employed as an International tour director for Cosmos/Globus. In 2002 he moved to TUI Netherlands as a product manager, taking on responsibility for marketing, revenue management and hotel and airline contracting for various global city trip destinations. In 2004 Koen was appointed head of the product management department.

Koen then moved to the marine travel business where he managed the Benelux marine travel business for Instone International. As managing director and member of the board he helped Instone secure its future growth and market position. To fulfill his passion and long wished dream Koen moved to Oxford to secure his commercial pilot license. After successfully completing the program he returned to TUI Netherlands, where he combined his new position as deputy director flight operations with piloting the Boeing 737.

Currently Koen is a licensed Boeing 737, 757 and 767 pilot. He is active as a captain at a Dutch airline.

Koen’s background enables him to understand the dynamics in the travel and aviation industry from various levels. His practical and managerial knowledge makes him a professional sector expert.

Koen holds an Executive MBA degree.

Omid Aazami

Omid is airline specialist, with a focus on operations strategy.

In 2007 Omid started his career as strategy consultant with KPMG Advisory, based in Amsterdam. In the Strategic and Commercial Intelligence team he has advised a vast number of companies and private equity firms on mergers, acquisitions and restructuring.

Omid joined TUIFly, a medium sized leisure airline owned by Tour Operator TUI Netherlands in 2011. As head of the Commercial Planning department he was primarily responsible for planning the airline operations to meet TUI’s capacity demand. Key activities: network planning, managing airport slots, negotiating bilateral air service agreements, optimizing fleet utilization, coordinating charter flight operations, opening new routes and setting up lease operations.

Omid currently is an independent airline management consultant. He has run several digital transformation projects at various airlines across Europe. He also lectures at the Amsterdam University of Applied Science – Department of Aviation Studies.

Omid holds a Master of Science degree in policy analysis and a Bachelor of Science degree in aeronautical engineering.

Thierry van Bennekom

Thierry is a specialist in analysing operational data in areas such as Flight Data Monitoring, Fuel Efficiency and Safety Data for fixed- and rotary wing aircraft.

After his graduation from Delft University of Technology in 2010, Thierry started his professional career as a consultant at a management consultancy company in The Netherlands.

Thierry has a passion for aviation, which resulted in him joining a Dutch commercial airliner as a data analyst in 2011. He was responsible for the FDM program and integrated it in the company’s Safety Management System. Next to this he was also responsible for developing a Fuel Management System.

Thierry is an aviation professional. He recently assisted various air operators in the Oil and Gas industry with their Flight- and Safety Data.

Thierry holds a Master of Science Degree in Aerospace Engineering. He also holds an EASA private pilot licence.

Peter Derickx

Peter is a specialist in Airplane Fuel Efficiency and Fuel Management (software) Systems.

Peter started his career in 1989 when he joined the Royal Military Academy as a Cadet and obtained a business degree. After completing his F16 fighter pilot training at the Royal Netherlands Air Force he served his country by combining instruction, managerial and flying positions. During his time as an Instructor Pilot in the USA he received the title ‘best instructor’ several times from his NATO Allies.

After more than 18 years in the Air Force, Peter joined a commercial airliner as a first officer. After 6 months he was appointed Manager Fuel and Weight savings where he reported directly to the Managing Director. Peter managed to save more then 10% of fuel in 3 years and also implemented a fuel management information system in his airline. In addition he took on the function of Air Traffic Management pilot in which he operated as liaison between Air Traffic control, Ground handling and Flying Operations.

Peter is a licensed Embraer E190/175 and Boeing 737 pilot. He is active as a captain at a Dutch airline.

Peter, Captain, RNLAF, Ret. holds a BA Economics Degree.

Bas Vissers

Bas is a subject matter expert and senior sponsor for the Travel Trade and Hotels practices.

With over 15 years of experience Bas started his career in the international hotel industry servicing corporate clients. In 2005 he joined BCD Travel, one of the largest global travel management companies. He has led multiple consulting assignments for clients across the EMEA and North America region. Key responsibilities were leading global hotel procurement projects and setting up strategic meeting management programs. The last 2 years with BCD Travel Bas has led the EMEA hotel relations practice responsible for annual preferred partnership negotiations representing USD 25 million turnover.

To expand his scope Bas moved to the online B2C environment running the supply and content management for a global online travel agency, Easytobook.com, part of MakeMyTrip Ltd (Nasdaq listed). There he focused on optimizing company income by creating the right balance between directly contracted hotels and newly established strategic vendor partnerships.

Bas is a commercially driven professional with a positive attitude. One of his key strengths is being able to build solid relationships and trust on all levels where his solid analytical skills guide him in choosing the right strategy.