Talent management

People in the center of any business

At Evolve, we believe that talent management means selecting the right people, developing their potential, fueling their enthusiasm and building their commitment to your organization.

Understanding and evaluating people is at the heart of our talent management business, creating a solid foundation for our products and services and enabling our clients to make fact-based decisions and smarter investments in their people.

What do we do
  • Our clients look to us for support when they need to:
  • Improve the accuracy and efficiency of hiring and promotion processes
  • Clearly understand employees’ strengths and development needs
  • Improve management and leadership capability
  • Identify and/or validate high potentials or successors for key positions
  • Develop structured career and development opportunities for employees

Evolve can help you to develop a customized talent management strategy that’s right for your business, whether you need help with assessment and selection, development and retention, or coaching your people to enhance their workplace performance. Read more about our various talent management services below or contact us with any questions you may have.

Employment Law services

Benefit by understanding law

We are experienced and skilled legal advisers on Dutch Employment Law and Contract Law, dedicated to providing prompt, practical and authoritative legal advice on employment law issues. We can provide immediate legal representation anywhere in The Netherlands.

At Evolve we can work with you to find a solution, whatever the issue. Our strength for many people is in achieving positive outcomes through confidential settlements, in many cases preventing court cases. We are skilled in advising on how to manage and resolve employment issues both independently, and through our assistance in mediation and alternative dispute resolution procedures.

Everyone we represent, from senior executives and partners to junior employees, receives the best legal representation and the highest level of consideration and care at all times. We also aim to keep costs as manageable as possible throughout the course of our work for you.

Employment law services include Executive Representation, which provides representatives for workplace hearings by workers councils, unions and other stakeholders; and our work discrimination case assessment service.

What do we do
  • Settlement Agreements
  • Employment Contracts and reviews
  • Disciplinary Hearings
  • Maternity & Paternity
  • Redundancy
  • TUPE

To see what we can do for you call us 24/7 on or contact us online.


Knowing how to handle legal matters

It makes good business sense to know how to handle legal issues that impact your business. Not all legal matters require a lawyer, but they do require understanding. Sometimes the best way to protect yourself and your business is to know where to go for assistance. That is why we have founded our in-house legal practice to directly deal with a variety of laws that govern how business is conducted in general, and in specific industries. We have a partnership with a renowned Dutch law firm. It enables us to take on even the most complex case.

What do we do

Employment & Labour Law
Whether you hire your own employees or independent contractors, you will need to have a solid understanding of labour laws covering everything from benefits and wages to discrimination and harassment. We provide information about Dutch employment laws and regulations and how employers should comply with them.

Collective redundancies, salary and paid holidays cut backs, ending the bonus scheme: these are all possible measures taken by employers due to the economic crisis. Measures which almost always (have to be) taken in consultation with trade unions and/or the Works Council (OR). Involvement of and contribution by the Works Council, as the representative of the employees within the company, is now more important than ever. We help in participating in the decision making process.

Our sections consist of the legal areas: labour and pension, dismissal, employment contracts, illness, immigration.

Contracting & Business Law
Many of our contacts continue to search out new opportunities on a global scale as part of their wider growth strategies. In many industries strict procurement processes are followed which lead to awards. On occasions it can also leads to bid protests and contract disputes.

After managing to agree the deal all that’s left is signing the documents. It sounds clear. Is it? Here, we summarise some key issues commonly raised by international clients investing or contracting internationally and in The Netherlands in particular.

Choice of governing law, Enforcement of foreign judgments and arbitral awards, Corporate veil, Capitalisation of  companies, Duty of good faith. 

Environmental regulations

Dozens of environmental regulations apply to businesses. We will help you understand your responsibilities under the Dutch environmental rules and regulations.

Finance Law
Finance laws exist to ensure fair competition and to protect the financial interests of companies and individual investors. We will assist you in learning about finance laws common to businesses in The Netherlands.