ISO certification consultancy

Cost savings through standardization

ISO certified means that a company has proven that it follows the standards developed by the International Organization of Standardization. An ISO certified company is one that complies with a variety of international standards such as quality, environmental, safety, reliability, and economical. It sends a clear message to consumers and other companies that the product or service being sold is worth buying.

We at Evolve have hands-on experience in developing management systems for a variety of companies. We understand the standards of the ISO organization, but never lose sight of the specific individual character of the company we support.

What do we do

We can support your company with your desire to gain a certain ISO certificate. We aid in the development of a program that designs, implements and maintains a roadmap to the ISO standard. Elements of an ISO certification can be but are not limited to:

  • Reviewing the company’s goals
  • Analyzing its impacts and legal requirements
  • Setting objectives and targets to reduce impacts and comply with legal requirements
  • Establishing programs to meet these objectives and targets
  • Monitoring and measuring progress in achieving the objectives
  • Ensuring employees’ awareness and competence
  • Reviewing progress of the Management System and making improvements

Innovation and concept development

Constant movement

The aviation industry is known for its rapidly changing environment. New technology, changing legislation and the continuing globalization of aviation makes it challenging for new and existing companies to keep up. The innovation process should involve employees in all layers of the company and management must deploy all the creative capabilities of the workforce for the continuous development of the firm.

What do we do

We are experts in designing and implementing innovation methods and projects. Our consultants can facilitate collaborative processes that enable your employees to solve complex business challenges and develop breakthrough solutions. Evolve has devoted a substantial amount of it’s resources to the development of new aviation related concepts. Some examples of successful new concepts have been developed in the fields of loyalty management, fuel management and airport handling. We are always planning for the future while optimizing the present.

  • Product life cycle management
  • Innovation auditing
  • Alignment of business and new strategies
  • Idea generation, capture and management
  • Business model innovation
  • Organizational alignment and design

Cost project management


We assist clients in obtaining actionable insights into costs and profitability, in order to drive business performance by discovering the drivers of cost and profitability and by empowering client teams to improve resource alignment.

Today, capital projects are increasing in size and scope, and are under far more scrutiny. Improved planning, budgeting, earned value management, cost control and performance measurements are imperative to reduce project risk and secure on time, within budget delivery. Our experienced teams are skilled in standardizing processes.

What do we do
  • Budgeting
  • Progress and performance measurement
  • Change management
  • Funds allocation
  • Cost forecasting and reporting

Carbon management


Carbon management promotes environmental effectiveness in organizations with the aim to maximize efficiencies in the consumption of resources that contribute to climate change. It can be seen as the part of environmental management dealing with the risks of climate change. It is a corporate approach in helping reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

We have comprehensive knowledge of, and hands-on experience in assisting companies in Carbon management separately or as part of an Environmental management system.

What do we do
  • We can help you to gain insight in energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions providing an overview of your current carbon footprint.
  • We support the build and implementation of emission and energy projects increasing efficiency, with the aim to reduce emissions.