Reducing costs by focussing on procurement

Procurement and supply chain management are essential to the success of many companies. It can supply critical support to operations and projects. We find ourselves in an era of continuing globalization and competition, shorter product life cycles and in creased risk of supply chain disruption. In many business and industries procurement accounts for more than 55% of overall costs. Supply chain management applies a total system approach to manage the flow of information, materials and services. The focus is on optimizing core activities to maximize the speed of response to changes in customer expectations.

What do we do

Evolve’s procurement and supply chain expertise can deliver value through a strategic approach to manage and develop long-term mutually beneficial relationships with your suppliers. We conducted various supply chain analysis in several industries. One of the most prominent was a flight crew planning analysis for a major airline that resulted in enhanced crew efficiency and reduced operating costs.

  • Create shorter supplier-led product innovations
  • Measure procurement performance
  • Reduce cost base and strengthen supplier base
  • Commercial contracting
  • Supply chain risk assessment
  • Strategic sourcing and development
  • Inventory management
  • Supply chain strategy and planning