Developing great products

The product management department within a travel organization is responsible for the quality and quantity of the product offering. The product should match the customer’s requirements against the right price and quality at the right time. Furthermore product development and innovation must be assured to sustain future revenue growth. The product management activities should be closely aligned with the business strategy and it is imperative that the product management department is closely linked to sales and marketing to obtain the desired customer requirements.

What do we do

Evolve can help you to build a strong product management department or we can streamline existing departments by optimizing processes and procedures.

Our hands-on experience and extensive knowledge of the travel industry enable us to grasp the challenges without loosing valuable time in comprehending the dynamic tourism industry.

  • Market analysis
  • Destination marketing funds acquirement
  • Contracting of airlines, hotel accommodation and leisure activities
  • Destination business plan development
  • Innovation master classes
  • Product revenue management
  • Destination marketing
  • Create loyalty programs