Our stakeholders

Individuals and groups who affect or who may be affected by Evolve’s actions and decisions in The Netherlands and in other countries. Stakeholders can include employees, suppliers, contractors, local communities, and other commercial organisations.


Sustainability recognises the interdependence of economic, social and environmental objectives in ensuring the long-term viability of the organisation.


We build understanding about the direct and indirect impact of Evolve’s operations, both inside and outside the company, and continuously strive to improve how those impacts are managed.

Building relationships

We engage with, and continue to build relationships with stakeholders by providing them with a range of opportunities by which to express their interests and concerns.

We build relationships with stakeholders throughout the supply chain – from product development through to sourcing, procuring, marketing, selling, promotion, and to the delivery of our content – that share our desire to make a positive impact on society and the environment.

Investing in people

We continue to equip Evolve’s employees with the skills to do their jobs, investing in training and development; and promote a safe working environment that supports health and wellbeing.

Building better companies

Continue to create innovative opportunities to assist others in building better companies.