Turning data into information

In the current world it has become normal practice to store vast quantities of operational data. However, data in itself does not tell you what you want to know. Data is only useful if it reflects what is happening in the real world. Datasets are hardly ever complete, measurements are seldom 100% accurate and, more importantly, data can be deceiving by itself.

We believe it is important to understand the real world first to solidify the answers coming out of our data analysis. Getting information out of data requires time and intelligent resources.

What do we do

Our team of data experts is able to assist you with the retrieval of the most relevant internal and external data, turn it into information, identify opportunities and give you actionable insights.

We have a strong background in analysis of operational data in the aviation industry. We offer special expertise in data management in:

  • Flight Data Monitoring
  • Safety Management Systems
  • Environmental Management Systems
  • Fuel Management Systems

We offer data analysis services to provide you with a better and clearer insight in your operation in five steps.

Our modules
  1. Understanding. In every project we work closely with our client’s various stakeholders to get to know the situation. Interviews will be done across the organization, not only with top management, but also with employees “on the floor”.
  2. Data collection and analysis. The data will be collected from all relevant sources, analyzed and transformed to understandable information or models.
  3. Identifying opportunities. We identify the biggest opportunities and transform them into standalone projects or models.
  4. Implementation support. We work collaboratively across functions and business units, from top to bottom to implement the identified opportunities.
  5. Continuation support. Once data projects or models have been developed, refined and proven, our analytics experts can provide periodic review and refresh as required.