Problems can become opportunities

We specialize in Business Recovery by bending problems into opportunities. We take the lead in complex multi-jurisdictional reorganizations and restructurings. We provide access to partners who specialise in areas which often prove pivotal in distressed situations, such as dispute resolution, legislation and finance. The starting point always involves maintaining the unique value of your company in relation to your customers, optimizing cash flow and restoring profitability.

Let us together take the road to recovery

Your company might be struggling with keeping up liquidity, while in essence the business itself is healthy. Simultaneously pressure can become tremendous due to time constraints and high external demands. Shareholders and banks want to see plans, while customers and staff are getting restless. Plans might involve complex issues, such as selling or closing (parts) of the business or entering into new financing on unfavorable terms, while dealing with day-to-day operations.

Taking a swift and proactive approach can make the difference between losing or saving the business. You want to remain in control. We can assist you in full by providing you with pragmatic and realistic scenario’s quickly, by transforming scenario’s into action plans and by implementing these action plans throughout the business.

Our approach

We start by drawing up a detailed and concise financial business plan in which we pay specific attention towards a thorough liquidity analysis. It is drawn up on a daily / weekly / monthly basis for the next 12 months and consecutive years.

Simultaneously, we will optimize the cash position by pulling forward revenue streams and by postponing outgoing payments. We will always do so in corporation with customers and suppliers. We will communicate to all stakeholders on a regular basis.If necessary we will renegotiate the financing terms. In certain circumstance we will assist in attracting new capital.

In addition to optimizing financial processes, we will emphasize on operational processes. We will highlight chances in changing operational stuctures that can increase efficiency and reduce costs, while having a minimum impact on the business. Often these changes include optimization of overhead costs, the discontinuation of loss-making projects and the close or sale of inefficient businesses.