We take pride in serving the men and women that protect our world

The brave men and women of the defense organizations are willing to put their lives at risk for the protection of that of others. Insuring security, peace and the protection of prosperity worldwide. The military environment now a day is highly complex, highly technological, very dynamic and has a demand for quick worldwide response. It is highly significant to society, not only as a defense force, but also for additional functions such as social ceremonies and several emergency services.

What do we do

We have comprehensive knowledge of, and hands-on experience in the defense sector. We are able to support in areas such as:

  • Policies and doctrines
  • Complex decision making
  • Developing standard and tactical operating procedures
  • Programme management
  • Development of safety and compliance management systems and more

Our team consist of people that understand the business, both civil and military. All colleagues have extensive hands-on and managerial experience in civil and/or military aviation. This helps us in transferring civilian best practices to defense and vise versa. We are at our best in a highly complex business environment assisting our clients on high-impact decision making.