Safety is key

Safety is always a top priority and should be considered during all company activities. There should always be an aim to limit the risk as much as possible to prevent fatalities and incidents that harm people and neighbors, or damage facilities. By using our expertise gained in the well-regulated and extraordinary safety minded aviation sector, we are able to develop and/ or implement a broad range of risk-based improvements by transferring best practices into all industries.

What do we do

Our capabilities lie in the following areas:

  • Personal safety
  • Process safety
  • Strenghtening of safety culture
  • Security
  • Risk and change management
  • Developing standards and manuals
  • Safety Management
  • EASA Safety Management System (SMS)
Our approach

Clients are realizing that effective, risk-informed strategy can offer a major source of competitive advantage. We take a holistic, cross-functional view of risk issues. Our consultants have front-line and hands-on experience in risk mitigation activities. We use a structured risk-management approach with proven methodologies focused on transformation, analytical tools, safety dashboards, and practical implementation.