Strong in Airline Ground Handling

At Evolve we assist both ground handling companies as its clients in identifying operational weaknesses and future organizational challenges – essential prerequisites for implementing and ensuring stable and sustainable ground handling processes.

We can help in establishing ground handling operations that meet international standards in preparation for the increase in traffic flows and the airlines’ requirements – ranging from aircraft handling to the processing of passengers and their baggage.

In general we work in phases: from developing an action plan to our experienced team of experts conducting intensive assessments of the local airport facilities by inspecting the relevant processes and procedures, as well as performing interviews with all stakeholders related to ground operations. Our team will offer recommendations for improvements in all the relevant fields of ground handling operations.

We can take on responsibility for managing tender procedures and for tendering ground handling licenses for airports to ground handling companies. The findings of our operations assessments are leading in these procedures.

What do we do
  • Optimising cost and ground handling processes (in-house, 3rd party, selfhandling or joint venture)
  • Driving new business development for ground handling firms looking to attract airline customers globally
  • Maximising existing and future assets relating to staff/rostering, equipment and inventory rationalisation
  • Implementing organisational and operational process changes
  • Developing staff incentive programs
  • Matching supply with demand, streamlining planning
  • Auditing and monitoring safety management
  • Developing contracts and service level agreements and supporting negotiations