The ground operations department ensures a safe, punctual and economic operation of flights. The activities and responsibly range from scheduling, operations control, airport assessment and contracting to crew scheduling. The flight operations department is normally responsible for all cockpit and cabin crew training and operations, operational procedures and manuals. The flight operations department ensures all operated flights are in compliance with the applicable national and international regulations.

What do we do

Evolve consultants have extensive hands-on experience in ground and flight operations. There responsibility focused on managing a safe, legal and efficient operation. Our staff has been involved in crew training, staff travel, scheduling, performance and navigation, flight data monitoring, operations control and crew management. At Evolve we believe ground handling is a crucial and integral part of any airline operation. We can assist companies in realizing improved safety and operational efficiency in ground handling by analyzing, streamlining and implementing ground handling processes

  • Negotiating ground handling and service level agreements
  • Analysis of operational efficiency in operations control and scheduling
  • Ground handling auditing
  • Development and implementation of a safety station management system
  • Analysis and optimization of flight operational procedures
  • Business case development and implementation of electronic flight bag (EFB) systems
  • Entry into service of new aircraft
  • Auditing and editing of operational manuals in EASA and FAA compliance