Taking advantage of economy of scales

Program management is the process of managing several related projects in a coordinated manner to yield benefits which would not be possible if managed individually. Having a program is to exploit economies of scale, to reduce coordination cost and risk. It is all about the structuring and control of those projects so they deliver effectively as a group. It may well be a structured framework for implementing change.

We at Evolve promote that program and project management are practical disciplines. We ‘make it work’. We are keen to drive to disired deliverables and outcomes to improve the client’s organization, with respect for the organizational structure and it’s culture.

We have Program and/ or Project Managers with military and civilian experience, within our industy practices and outside. The project manager is responsible for the succes of his project, while the program manager is responsible for the aggregated result to meet the end-state. They have managed large scale military flying excersises and introduced new aircraft types at a civilian airline. With that expertise we are able to implementing military best practices into civilian companies, and vice versa, with military structure and precision.

What do we do

Our Program and Project managers can:

  • Provide oversight
  • Deliver on time, in budget and within specification
  • Provide insight in Risk issues
  • Identify and manage cross project dependencies
  • Be part of a Program Management Office (PMO)
  • Facilitate change management

They have:

  • Leadership skills to manage large groups of project managers
  • Social skills to participate as project manager in a group
  • A structured working methodology
  • Decisions making capacities

We are using PRINCE2 standards for project management. It is a best practice framework that helps deliver projects on time and within budget. It is process driven and is used to manage projects thoughout the business and military world.