In the sixties and seventies of the previous century a number of aviation accidents took place where the investigation concluded that human failures were a significant cause leading to the mishap. The CRM concept was introduced in 1979 at a NASA convention where human handling in aircraft accidents was discussed. CRM has the goal to reduce human failures or limit the adverse effects of the outcome.

The definition of CRM that is often used states: “The use of all available sources, like information, corporate knowledge, equipment, people’s skills to operate safely and efficiently”.

With all these years of development and experience CRM has become part of everyday operation in military and civilian aviation. Passed on to generations of pilots it is now in the backbone of the aviator.

The CRM concept is applicable to and can be incorporated in all types companies and businesses that strive for a safer and more efficient operation. It is most effective if all parts of the organisation, from management to working teams to the individual, are involved. The link to this article is an example of how CRM reduced serious complications of patients at an intensive care unit.

At Evolve we have a team of CRM experts with extensive experience in military and civil aviation. We are able to assist any company that wants to implement CRM and strengthen the non-punitive, just culture to operate more safely and efficiently.