Over the next 20 years, Boeing is forecasting a need for 38,050 airplanes valued at more than $5.6 trillion. Aviation is becoming more diverse, with approximately 40 percent of all new airplanes being delivered to airlines based in the Asia Pacific region. An additional 20 percent will be delivered to airlines in Europe and North America, with the remaining 20 percent to be delivered to the Middle East, Latin America, the Commonwealth of Independent States, and Africa.

Single-aisle airplanes command the largest share of new deliveries, with airlines needing approximately 26,730. These new airplanes will continue to stimulate growth for low-cost carriers and will provide needed replacements for older, less-efficient airplanes. In addition, widebody fleets will need an additional 8,830 new airplanes, which will allow airlines to serve new markets more efficiently than in the past.

Source: boeing.com